New Learning Management System (LMS)

The University of Melbourne has moved to a new Learning Management System (LMS). The new Canvas LMS was implemented as a program of work through 2019 and is now hosting all subjects.

Students, see information for students: the new Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) for more information

Our new LMS is Canvas

The new Canvas LMS supports the teaching and learning activities of The University of Melbourne. It supports the creation of flexible, interactive, and engaging learning spaces, incorporating a growing suite of digital tools to support innovation in pedagogy and curriculum. The inclusion of rich media is supported by the new Kaltura video management system (VMS) - to centrally manage video, audio and image resources.

The Project Evolve team led by Learning Environments and Infrastructure Services worked closely with academic divisions to guide the preparation and transition to the new LMS. A selection of subjects from each Faculty was part of a pilot in Semester 2, 2019. The trial of the Canvas pilot informed our larger scale migration activity, as we brought existing subjects into the new LMS.

The Canvas LMS was selected in 2018 after a comprehensive review process involving students and staff across the university. More information about the LMS review.

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What does the new LMS provide?

  • Dashboard for students and staff to easily view subjects, communications, calendar and activities
  • Clear and intuitive interface for staff to construct content and students to navigate
  • Enhanced opportunities for communication and collaboration
  • Activities and communications which can be personalised, contextualised and dynamic, with specific notification settings and permissions
  • Creation of clear learning pathways for individuals and groups
  • Mobile app allowing users to perform comprehensive functions on both iOS and Android devices
  • Supports accessibility
  • Opportunities to incorporate other digital tools through the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration with other educational technologies (e.g. Zoom, Readings Online, Google Drive)
  • A platform for better management and use of video in teaching and learning through the new Kaltura VMS (Lecture Capture, Echo360 will continue as the main platform for teaching space recordings).

The Project Evolve team jointly developed the LMS and VMS implementation program of work. For more information please visit the Project Evolve website.

What will happen with the Blackboard LMS?

The Blackboard LMS remained in use and was fully supported throughout 2019. Once the transition to Canvas has taken place, the Blackboard LMS will then be placed into an archive mode and maintained for a number of years with its historical data and course offerings intact.

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Next steps

We continue to offer many opportunities for staff to learn more about the new Canvas LMS and Kaltura VMS.

Look out for our regular updates on timelines, and opportunities to access and learn more about Canvas and Kaltura in Playpen sites.

More information about upcoming workshops, online modules, and how you can get involved will be coming soon.

If you have questions or comments, please submit an enquiry with the Project Evolve team and a member will respond shortly.

What is the timeline for Canvas LMS?

Semester 1, 2019
  • Technical preparations continue for the new Canvas LMS
  • Ongoing engagement with academic divisions and Project Evolve champions
  • Pilot subjects selected and new Canvas LMS sites are prepared
  • Staff involved with supporting and delivering pilot subjects will have opportunities to attend Canvas workshops.
Mid 2019

Staff exploration of the Canvas LMS will be available through playpen subject spaces, workshops and online resources.

Semester 2, 2019
  • Pilot subjects will be available to students in Canvas LMS
  • Staff exploration of Kaltura VMS commences
  • Supported migration of subject sites and content from Blackboard LMS to Canvas LMS
  • LMS professional development and training workshops available and ongoing.

The current project target is that subjects and communities will be hosted and fully available to students on the new Canvas LMS.