Downloadable LMS page templates

Templates available for you to directly add into your Canvas LMS subject. Use these as a quick way to get started building your subject.

Create and edit a duplicate of the template page. All changes made on the original LMS template page will be lost when reimporting the template again.

Looking for inspiration? Or a quick way to build out your LMS subject? Then you may like to import a template into your LMS subject.

What is a template?

A Canvas LMS template is a page or series of pages that utilise and showcase a combination of commonly used content structures, and demonstrate the preferred usage of University of Melbourne layout and theme specific elements. They are a great starting point on which to begin building out your subject.

You may find that using a template is more efficient as you don’t need to start with a blank page. You may also find the pre-determined structure of a template will help with overall consistency.

They are similar to templates you will find in Word, where you have structured content to work with. Keep the structure, but replace the content.

Adding a template to your LMS subject

  1. Download the file onto your desktop.
  2. In the LMS, open the subject you’re wanting to apply the template.
  3. Select Settings in the subject navigation menu
  4. On the Settings page, click Import subject content (on right hand side)
  5. On next page select:
    • Content type = Canvas subject export package
    • Add your source file - select the file from your desktop
    • Check All content
    • Click Import.
      Import content
  6. Navigate to Pages and duplicate the LMS page template, then edit the new page.

To save you from accidentally working on the original LMS page template, delete the imported version on the Pages screen.

All LMS page templates

Our list of page templates help to serve as a starting point when building out or modifying your LMS pages. Staff will need to enter their University of Melbourne credentials in order to view and download the templates.

ScreenshotTitleDescription Download and view template
Home page
Starter home page templateStarter home page template A simple home page that includes welcome text, and direct links to modules. Go
Staff login required
Schedule homepage templateSchedule home page template This home page is structured like a subject schedule, showing students a list of topics, activities and/or resources alongside each week of a semester when they occur. Go
Staff login required
Timetable homepage template (HTML required)Timetable home page template (HTML required) This home page presents links to each module in a visually appealing way through tiles that include decorative images and a brief description of each module. Go
Staff login required
Timetable homepage template - alt (HTML required)Timetable home page template - alt (HTML required) This template is similar to the Timetable homepage template, but with less decorative images. Go
Staff login required
Themed homepage template (HTML required)Themed home page template (HTML required) This home page template presents links to each module, which are grouped together by themes. They are also presented as tiles, where you can insert a decorative image and text into each. Go
Staff login required
Themed homepage template - alt (HTML required)Themed home page template - alt (HTML required) This template is similar to the themed home page template, but uses less decorative images. It may be useful for intensive subjects. Go
Staff login required
Staff information
Staff information templateStaff information template This simple staff information page neatly lists all teaching staff alongside their position and contact details. Go
Staff login required
Course lecturers template - alternate (HTML required)Detailed staff information template (HTML required) This staff information page lists all teaching staff and provides space for a thumbnail image of each staff member and a short bio. Go
Staff login required

Important things to know with templates

  • If you choose to use a template that requires HTML knowledge, please ensure either you or someone in your faculty has the skills to support your page build.
  • Page templates only work when imported within the University of Melbourne Canvas LMS.
  • Do not edit content or images on an imported template page. All changes will be lost when reimporting the template. The template page will revert to its original.
  • Always duplicate any imported template pages, and then delete the originally imported page. This ensures you are not accidentally editing the template file.
  • All images associated with template files will be reverted to the original image when reimporting the template. If you overwrite the template images with new images, all changes will be lost.
  • When you delete the imported template page the imported images remain in Files. You can delete these individually if you are no longer using them.

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