Media production for teaching and learning

Learning Environments creates innovative media for effective teaching & learning.

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Educational video for large classes

The educational video stream of the Flexible Academic Programming initiative (FlexAP) gives Learning Environments the opportunity of working with faculties across the next three years to deliver high quality video for nominated subjects above 500 enrolments. Learning Environments have developed a guide to assist with planning your subject. The guide outlines available production options and examples of how these pair with FlexAP resources.

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Innovative teaching and learning

The University of Melbourne is home to some of the world’s most innovative educators, and Learning Environments is here to help elevate what teaching & learning can be. We’re here to collaborate with you in piloting new approaches to teaching through the use of diverse new media and delivery technologies. Whether video, audio, or virtual reality, we can help you find and best utilise the right tools to achieve your teaching and learning objectives, engage students, and improve learning experiences.

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Blended learning

We can help you extend your teaching toolkit and compliment lectures and in-class activities with engaging videos, podcasts, and other media that can offer authentic learning experiences and strategically address your students’ learning needs.

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Online learning

Whether you’re hoping to reach students within the university or a global audience, we’re here to help you design and create world-leading online courses that utilise best-in-class multimedia.

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Our process

  1. If you’re interested in collaborating with us on a project, please get in touch and let us know your desired audience, outcomes, delivery date, and delivery channel (online, in class, etc). Please note that if you’re hoping to use your project as part of your in-semester curriculum it’s a good idea to get in touch with us at least three months before semester so that we have enough time to achieve best results for your project.

  2. Our team meets to assess all new requests, and endeavours to respond to all enquiries in a timely manner. One of our experienced producers will be in touch to discuss your proposed project in more detail and outline next steps.

  3. Your producer will consult with you, and then create a treatment in response to your unique needs. The treatment will outline a plan to most effectively achieve your desired goals within your scope.

  4. Once you give the proposed treatment and schedule the green light, we can start collaborating and bring your project to life.


  • How long will the process take?

    All projects have unique requirements and your producer will discuss the schedule with you as part of the early development process.

  • What kind of self service facilities are available?

    Staff are able to record voice-over and screen capture. For video recording, staff are encouraged to use their smartphones to record short introductions and then transfer the files to the computer for editing into their main presentation.

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  • How can I fund my project?

    Learning Environments prides itself on being a leader within the University for innovating teaching and learning. If you’re interested in innovative ideas, we can assist you in creating a prototype that can be used to seek funding. Please contact us to discuss the process further.

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