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You’re passionate about your subject area. Follow our simple DIY guide and make use of our DIY video resources to get your viewers just as excited.

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1. Discover

Lewis Carroll said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there”. Set yourself up for success by unpacking your goals and researching your viewers before you start planning.

1.1 Setting and tracking goals
1.2 Considering your audience
1.3 What’s possible?

2. Define

There’s no bad ideas when you’re first getting started! Let your creativity run wild as you brainstorm and eventually narrow down your creative approach to one that’s specifically designed to reach your audience.

2.1 Planning ahead to connect with your audience
2.2 Picking the right format
2.3 Defining your creative approach
2.4 Creating a production timeline
2.5 Defining vision and scope

3. Draft

They say, failing to plan is planning to fail. Write your script, figure out production logistics and practice presentation techniques before you hit record.

3.1 Breaking it down
3.2 Outlining
3.3 Writing your scripts
3.4 Location considerations
3.5 Recording device and stabilisation
3.6 Storyboarding and shot list
3.7 Set styling and props 
3.8 Wardrobe
3.9 Assistance required?
3.10 Rehearsal

4. Do It

Lights. Camera. Action. Use these tips to set up your shoot day efficiently and capture your content with confidence.

4.1 Sound: final checks
4.2 Lighting: final checks
4.3 Order of shooting
4.4 Presenting

5. Deliver

Proof is in the pudding. It’s time to edit everything you’ve worked on into one clip, check it’s smashing your goals and get ready to share with the world.

5.1 Top and tailing
5.2 Leveling up your editing
5.3 University branding and title cards
5.4 Audio editing
5.5 Exporting your video
5.6 Hosting and distributing
5.7 Checking accessibility
5.8 Reflecting on your goals and learnings


Have questions or can’t find quite what you’re looking for?

  • How do I use the DIY video guide?

    If this is your first time using the guide then we suggest you start at the beginning and read through the whole guide in order. This will give you a strong understanding of the overall process. It might be tempting to start with the Do It Phase, but the first three phases are very important. Once you have started your next video project, you might like to check back to specific steps for the tips, tricks and checks mentioned.

  • I can't find what I'm looking for!

    If you can’t find the right advice for you in our DIY video guide, then we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can point you in the right direction for your next media project.

  • Help! I feel overwhelmed. What can I do?

    If after reading through our DIY video guide, you are still feeling too nervous or uncertain to create your next media project on your own, then we have a variety of other services to help get you started.

    Check out or range of Coaching and Training options, for individual and group offerings that will have you feeling confident in no time.