Introduction to a course/subject

A video designed to provide a broad overview of a subject, and build rapport with students

A video introducing a course, subject or topic should provide a broad overview of what the subject entails and how the subject fits in a broader context. It is also the first opportunity for rapport building with the students. It could contain information such as:

  • The background and aims of the subject
  • Important definitions
  • An outline of the content to be covered
  • Desired learning outcomes
  • The background of the presenter(s)
  • Overview of assessments
  • The broader context in which the subject exists
  • How the knowledge acquired in the subject can be utilised in real life
  • And any other relevant information students might need to know before beginning the subject.

The aim of an introduction is to clearly present this information so that your students have a good understanding of what the course will be about, what they can expect from their teachers, and what will be expected of them.


A good introduction can also attract and engage potential students, getting them excited to learn and preparing them to actively engage with the upcoming content. There are several ways to producing an engaging video. For example, students have reported that they feel more engaged and enjoyed high-production style, studio produced videos. Alternatively, posing questions through a Socratic style of questioning, or confronting misconceptions have been shown to positively impact engagement and attention. For more simple formats, simple slides with fewer words and a more images are easier to digest, and are more engaging.

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