A video designed to convey details about the nuts and bolts of the subject.

A video presenting the curriculum of a course or subject needs to very clearly, simply, and accessibly convey details about the nuts and bolts of the subject such as:

  • Knowledge and skills students are expected to learn
  • Learning objectives
  • Units or lesson outlines
  • Assignments and assessments to be given to students
  • Materials used in the course such as books, readings, videos etc
  • Important dates.

The aim of a curriculum is to clearly communicate to students the details of how the course will be run. A good curriculum will also give students an understanding why a course is run in the way that it is; what the purpose of each assessment is or why the lessons are run in the order that they are.


A curriculum is most useful when it is clear, and students and teachers can refer to it easily when needed. A video presenting a curriculum should make good use of static screens. The clear text and visuals such as those used in slides, or in an office-desk or classroom style video. This makes it easier for students to search the video for the necessary information.

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