Website production

Learning Environments designs and develops interactive websites in collaboration with University of Melbourne staff. With our wide range of skills and understanding of educational needs, we can deliver an online experience to meet practically any educational goal.

Our process has been honed over many years of successful collaborations. We help you make strategic decisions covering every aspect of your website.

  • Learning objectives

    What learning outcomes do you want your website to deliver? We work with you to clearly define your pedagogical objectives; this is an essential first step towards creating an effective educational website.

  • Content, structure and navigation

    Through a detailed analysis of your content and learning goals, we identify additional media, interactives and social media tools. We structure these within an intuitive navigation system that enables you to communicate clearly with your audience.

  • Interface and visual design

    Our designers create a simple, intuitive interface that lets your content shine. If your website needs to conform to University of Melbourne branding guidelines, we can meet these requirements without forcing you into a visual straitjacket.

  • Media development

    Video, audio, photography, info graphics and animations can take your content to the next level and make sure students with different learning styles are catered for. Find out about Learning Environments’ expertise in media production.

  • Evaluation and analytics

    Our team can help develop evaluation forms and write questions to capture meaningful user feedback. We can build analytics into your website so you can easily monitor how many people are visiting the site, and what they do when they get there.

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