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Looking to create measurable change using the power of media?

Our flagship offering is all about achieving meaningful and measurable results. We start with a deep dive into your goals, audience, and messaging to design a media solution that will set you up for success.

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You're working on great things. Let's make sure your media get the results you need

Our flagship end-to-end package is perfect for —

  • Passionate academics looking to enhance students experience and learning outcomes
  • Innovative researchers ready to take their project to the next level by seeking funding, commercialisation, or raising awareness
  • Academic division leads looking to increase enrolments
  • Anyone looking to use the power of media to connect people to their exciting project.

Our three-phase process is designed to get you results

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Phase one. Discovery & Definition

Our team of strategists and creatives will run a series of workshops to create an in depth report that clarifies your goals and helps you better understand your audience, before designing an approach specifically targeted to your needs.

We'll provide three different execution options at different budget levels, giving you the flexibility to balance your long term goals with your current resourcing.

We always start with Discovery, which costs AU$5000 up front.
There’s no obligation to continue working with us past this point (although we think you’ll probably want to).

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Phase two. Development

Once you’ve picked an option, we’ll put together the perfect team for your project. We regularly work with award-winning screenwriters, creative directors, comedians, and communications experts.

We’ll consult on your content strategy, develop scripts and prototypes, test them with users, and then finalise production and release plans to ensure that your project is set up for success before we call "action".

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Phase three. Production and release

It’s time to create your media, release it, and then measure the results to better inform future plans. We can work with you in two ways during this phase —

  • Done for you — our team handles everything for you. The most common option for larger projects where time is of the essence. We’ll handle the entire production, release, and metrics
  • Done with you — coaching and support. Great for when you have an in-house media team, or keeping the budget down is more important than your timeline. We can support you through the process of creating and releasing the media content developed in phase two with regular coaching sessions.

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“How can I be sure this approach is right for me and my project?”

  • Projects best positioned to make the most of this approach commonly have:
    • A total budget between AU$25,000 and AU$100,000, and
    • A delivery timeline of between three and six months.
  • We always start with Discovery, which costs AU$5000 up front. There’s no obligation to continue working with us past this point (although we think you’ll probably want to).
  • At the end Discovery we'll provide a variety of options at different budget levels for the following two phases. From here you can make an informed choice as to which direction you’d like to go, whether you’d like to continue working with us, or we can support you with coaching if you’d like to handle the content creation in-house.
  • For all three phases, our minimum level of engagement is AU$15,000 for small projects.

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If your budget is below $5000, your project requires a faster turn-around, has a smaller scope, or is already pre-defined then see our standardised studio packages.

Results that speak for themselves

The development process has improved my own ability to focus on how an audience engages, and whilst the process of restructuring the work for different formats and audiences can be challenging, it has ultimately created higher quality content with a longer shelf-life... Nikki Moodie, AFSE

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