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Never before has it been more important to plan how your message is delivered whilst considering the needs of your audience. With new tools and technology – planning for how content is delivered is at the forefront of production and we’re onto it with three new viewing formats.

  1. Watch on demand.
  2. Watch and join.
  3. Watch live.

Book into our high-quality studio environment, configured to suit your specific needs and work with our professional production staff who will manage your session from start to end. Prices start from $995.00

People sitting in a video recording studio

Watch on demand

Suitable for presentations, public lectures, in-conversation pieces, global messages, social communications, promotional material, faculty and departmental messages.

When you have the opportunity to present excellent content with an engaging speaker, consider a pre-recorded presentation. This allows your audience to tune in at either a specific time or in their own time. Recording in our studio means that your production is filmed with high quality cameras, optimal lighting and high quality audio. Our professional staff will help put your speaker at ease. You arrange the talent, we will manage the studio and prepare your video ready for release.


  • 2 hour studio time (includes 30 minute rehearsal)
  • Equipment and crew
  • Post-production including editing and upload to MediaSpace (closed caption enabled).

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People in a video recording studio

Watch and join

Highly suitable for interactive panel discussions, expert series, guest lecturers, student/academic forums, networking events.

When you want to present great content and also interact with your audience – pre-record the presentation followed by an in-studio Q&A session. Bring all your event skills to the forefront by tailoring the session to suit your audience. Your team can develop a dynamic experience that leaves the audience feeling connected and energised with real-time interaction. Our team will professionally pre-record the presentation and work with you to produce the live interactive elements from our studio.


  • 2 x 2 hour studio timeslots:
    • 2 hour studio time pre-record (includes 30min rehearsal)
    • 2 hour studio time live online session and recording (includes practice session)
  • Equipment and crew
  • Post-production including editing and upload to MediaSpace (closed caption enabled).

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People in a video recording studio

Watch live

Perfect for significant public University of Melbourne events, special events, announcements.

For an on-topic launch, important announcement consider a fully live session in the studio. We can help you design a high quality, live event that allows the audience to tune in and create a real buzz around your content (with or without audience interaction). Presenters will be recorded with high quality cameras, lighting and audio and broadcast live directly from the studio. A recording will also be made, ready for you to access and distribute.


  • 2 x studio timeslots:
    • 1 hour studio time (practice and run through)
    • 2 hour studio time live online session and recording (includes 30 minute rehearsal)
  • Equipment and crew
  • Post-production including editing and upload to MediaSpace (closed caption enabled)
  • Live-captioning additional.

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  • What if some of my participants will be in studio and some remote?

    We can manage that in the studio and can work with you and your guests to optimise the outcome.

  • What if all my participants are remote?

    For webinar support where all participants are fully remote contact Field Services. The Field Services team in IS offers Zoom event support via this form. General assistance with Zoom is also available from the Service Centre on 834 40777.

  • What if I just need help to manage my online zoom meeting or webinar?

    For general assistance with Zoom contact the Service Centre on 834 40777, or via a Learning Spaces enquiry.

  • What if my session is longer than 2 hours or all day?

    Studio session lengths can be modified but we do not offer full day events or conference support.

  • What if I don’t know which option is best for my needs - can you help me plan?

    Yes. We’re happy to work with you for the best result. Planning takes time – so make sure you contact us early to assess your needs and plan for success.

  • Do you still offer advice on how to manage fully online events using Zoom?

    Although we can help you with tips and planning, contact the Field Services team for dedicated support. Also refer to the self-service guide for online public events.

  • Can you help me with content for social media?

    Yes, you can select bite-sized chunks from the recordings for marketing and outreach purposes. Tell us what you need, and we can tailor to suit.

  • What if my event is happening in a specific location or I want to film/add additional footage?

    Depending on what you have in mind, we may be able to accommodate your needs. Additional considerations and costs are involved so chat to us about options. Event recordings in venues other than our studio may not be available until face to face events are permitted on campus.

  • What if my speaker doesn’t have equipment at home or doesn’t know how to self-record?

    Working with us connects you with additional support and may include extra equipment depending on the situation.

  • Is there anything else I need to know?

    Other things that may impact your session are aspects such as presenter permissions and copyright, publishing deadlines or quality of recordings for remote participants. We can assist you through the process.

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