Mastering the master class

Case study

The challenge

What happens when an expert in online communication teams up with a video producer to tackle the issue of waning student engagement? Can we employ tricks and techniques from the field of viral marketing to create a more engaging alternative to lecture capture video? On successful receipt of a special Chancellery Teaching and Learning Initiative Grant, Learning Environments video producer Sascha White and Management and Marketing lecturer Dr Brent Coker set out to find an online delivery format that addressed the issue of flagging lecture attendance head-on.

The making of Virology

Our approach – finding the patient in patient-centred care

Drawing inspiration from both online e-learning start-up and Brent’s own expertise in planning, executing and evaluating marketing video campaigns, the first priority was to develop a set of strong scripts. The team used a variety of strategies when scripting:

  • Putting real-world case studies at the centre of each script
  • Making the most of the presenters expertise through personal insights, thoughts and perspectives
  • Keeping each script to a reasonable runtime by dividing content into episodes
  • Starting each episode with a strong ‘hook’
  • Crafting an overall narrative that connects each scripted episode into a wider story arc

With all the scripts edited, refined and polished well in advance, the team were able to lavish extra attention on the creation of a unique studio set, and focus on capturing strong performances. Finally, location shooting was used sparingly to create the ‘hook’ for each episode to draw the viewer into the case studies.

I would say the lectures are one of the most enjoyable lectures of my BCOM journey.

The impact

According to Brent, the videos have made a real impact in class. "Making the Virology Class and including it into the learning structure of my Digital Marketing classes has been fantastic. Knowing that the students have watched it eases the task of introducing the advanced topics in class, and I have noticed the added benefit of deeper and more involved class discussions as a result. The feedback from the students has been positive, and I am sure that blended learning initiatives such as this will become the norm in the future."

True to the principles of online engagement, the video tutorials have been made available to everyone, regardless of which classes they are enrolled in.