COVIDDA video content is an essential part of the HIVE app, designed by Associate Professor Luke Burchill, to support frontline healthcare workers. Learning Environments collaborated with experts from Phoenix Australia and the Royal Melbourne Hospital to create a number of different series, including

  • The Respond series, in which eight different film makers produce a creative response to stories from frontline health workers
  • The comedy good news show A Second Opinion, featuring the talents of budding journalist and viral star Leonardo Puglisi
  • And three different series released under the 'Coach' banner, with Coach Ambassador aiming to physically and mentally prepare frontline workers for the different phases of the COVID-19 journey, Coach Expert featuring advice from experts in psychological first aid and trauma-informed care, and finally the animated Coach Toolkit series which provide practical tools and expert advice for dealing with specific frontline challenges raised in the Coach Ambassador and Expert series.


The Respond series was devised after health care workers told us just how important and cathartic it is for them to be able to share their stories. This unique project combines research and creative output, in collaboration with Associate Professor Vicki Palmer and her research team.

They used photo elicitation to interview health workers at the Royal Melbourne Hospital to inform the design of the HIVE app. The photos and audio material generated through this research process was then provided as inspiration to eight different film makers, many of whom are out of work and also impacted greatly by COVID-19. The resulting series of videos is their creative response.

A Second Opinion

Consultation with healthcare workers from the Royal Melbourne Hospital highlighted just how important humour and other light-hearted content is in disconnecting from a long stressful day. A Second Opinion pairs light-hearted viral content and good news stories with the loveable talents of 12-year-old journalist Leonardo Puglisi whose mother is a frontline health worker herself. Each episode focuses on a different topic specifically designed to be relatable to frontline workers - ranging from 'Small Wins' to 'Staying Calm' and 'Switching Off'.

Coach - Ambassador

Health workers are currently living in a state of high anxiety, unsure of what to expect next and how they’re going to cope. Coach Ambassador was developed in collaboration with Phoenix Australia, and is a series of 7 videos intended to physically and mentally prepare frontline workers so they can maintain capacity as they move through the different phases of the COVID-19 journey, and beyond.

Coach - Expert

Coach Expert is a series of 11 videos which aim to equip frontline workers with strategies and advice from experts in psychological first aid and trauma-informed care, and explores the possible impacts on individuals and teams, based on what Phoenix Australia are hearing from frontline workers, emerging COVID-19 research and other trauma and disaster research.

Coach - Toolkit

Coach Toolkit is an animated series of 6 videos which responds to the challenges raised in both the Ambassador and Expert series, providing easy to digest practical tools and expert advice.

Release and partnerships

All of these series will be accessible through the digital app HIVE designed to support frontline health workers who are routinely confronted by exceptional and traumatic events. The Australian Federal Government is also funding the COVIDDA team to share its co-designed video content so that it can be accessed on Black Dog Institute’s e-health hub The Essential Network (TEN).