Media production for the virtual campus

Connecting with our community has never been more important, and the Learning Environments team is here to help you stay connected with a range of innovative media production services and resources.

Videos with narration

Are you keen to teach new concepts, tell great stories, or create world-class promotional campaigns? The Video and Media Production team can pair your material with inspiring visuals, such as professional stock footage, instructional diagrams and charts, and broadcast news.

Our expert video team can work with you to:

  • Source the best visuals for your project
  • Refine your scripts
  • Record your narration, or enlist a professional voiceover artist
  • Edit the videos
  • And bring it all together with music and sound effects.


Podcasts can be even more effective than videos. They’re quicker and cheaper to produce, more convenient, and the format encourages listeners to engage with their imagination.

Great for exploring a range of topics, podcast episodes can be produced in a variety of styles and content types, from simple interviews and lectures to comprehensive investigative documentaries, and even impressionistic soundscapes designed to transport the listener to a different time and place.

Our dedicated audio team can work with you to:

  • Map out your series
  • Define the best format
  • Optimise your scripts
  • Record audio content or enlist a presenter to host your podcast
  • Edit with music and sound effects
  • And launch your podcast with accompanying materials like visuals, graphics and transcripts.

Animation, motion graphics, and mixed media

Animation offers near-limitless possibilities for communication. It allows you to emotionally affect your viewers and take them to places that cameras can’t go — whether that’s another planet, another time, or a microscopic landscape.

Motion graphics is an effective way to illustrate complex ideas, while whiteboard animation can precisely demonstrate your insights in a series of how-to videos.

Our professional animators can work with you to:

  • Develop your scripts
  • Select the right style of animation
  • Storyboard the entire production
  • And deliver your message the right way.
female sitting in front of a computer screen engaging in a video chat with three other people

Self-recorded video content

You don’t have to be on campus to stay connected with your audience. We can help you use the camera on your phone or laptop to create engaging video content.

Our video content specialists can work with you to:

  • Decide upon the best recording style for your message
  • Record lectures and presentations
  • Capture interviews or discussion panels remotely
  • Edit the material for you
  • And add other compelling footage.
male wearing headphones, sitting at a computer, talking into a microphone

Audio interviews

Audio interviews can be just as effective as video interviews. As with podcasts, they’re convenient for your audience, quick and cheap to produce, and they can be recorded to a professional standard using simple tools like laptops and mobile phones.

Our audio specialists can work with you to:

  • Plan your interview
  • Source and set up the right equipment
  • Provide support and training
  • And edit the material together to ensure maximum impact.
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