Event recording

Learning Environments are The University of Melbourne's event recording and streaming specialists. If you're planning or organising a University event on campus, such as a public lecture, guest lecture or academic forum, consider recording the event to publish to the University website, and/or streaming it as a live event for interstate or overseas viewers.

Our skilled team of video producers and industry professionals guarantee the highest quality recording of your event.

We will work with you through a range of flexible options to design the optimum coverage of your event.

Our service includes:

  • A professional, edited high definition (HD) video recording, with University branded titles, including start and end titles, and titles for each speaker
  • Delivery within 48 hours
  • Hosting and uploading of the event on the University's event recordings site
  • Embed code details if you would like the video featured on your web site
  • A self contained video file of your edited event video (provided at your request).

We will keep a master copy for archiving and future re-purposing.

We also offer video production for targeted marketing and promotional material, whether during the lead-up or at the event itself.

Event recording

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Event recording

Tips for a successful event recording

  • Book a recommended venue, if possible.
  • Book the venue with a start time at least two hours before the start of your event. Recording equipment and the venue need to be set up before your guests arrive.
  • Contact us at least ten days before the event to discuss recording options and arrangements.
  • Ensure all presenters have signed the audio-video consent form for public release. Send this form to the Copyright Office , who must clear the recording from a copyright perspective.

Recommended venues for event recording

The following are the most highly recommended venues for event recording, because of their specialist configuration and audience capacity:

Recording an event in the Carrillo Gantner Theatre
Recording an event in Wilson Hall

Lecture Capture: a basic free recording option

If you don't have the budget for event recording, Lecture Capture might be your best option. Lecture Capture is a free service offered by the University and is available in most lecture theatres.

The benefits of professional event recording over Lecture Capture are:

  • The recording quality is higher.
  • There is video of the presenter, not just audio and presentation slides.
  • Live streaming is available.

Find out more about Lecture Capture

Live streaming

Live streaming is an additional service offered with an event recording.

Live streaming means your event can have an almost limitless audience. People can watch your event live, in real-time, via the internet.

Your online audience can even participate in real time by asking questions and commenting throughout the event. Live streaming is also a great way to make an oversubscribed event available to interested people.

Live streams can be highlighted on the University's events page, or at an online location of your choice, whether open to the public or restricted to a University audience.

Preferred venues for live streaming

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