Self-service recording pod

The self-service recording facility, located in the Baillieu Library, enables University of Melbourne staff to produce audio and screencast recordings.

Booking the self-service recording pod

  • Check the opening hours for the Baillieu Library. Please note you are not able to access the room during after hours study zone times.
  • Create an appointment in your own calendar and invite !Baillieu 1st Flr Self-Service-Recording-Pod. You will be able to check availability before sending the invite via the scheduling feature in Outlook but the room will reject any attempted double-bookings. Please consider others users by limiting your bookings to two hours per day.
  • You will get an automated response from the room if the booking is accepted.
Self-Service Recording Pod
Self-service recording pod

Using the self-service recording pod

On the day of your booking:

  • Use your swipe card to access the room, the light switches are located on the lights in the ceiling.
  • Use the self-service recording pod user guide or view the video below to get started with recording.
  • After you've finished, shut down the computer.
  • Please limit editing time in the pod and perform any lengthy edit tasks you need to do at your desk or the self-service edit room located in Room 128 of the Baillieu Library (located in the south-west corner). This room can be booked via !Baillieu 1st Flr Self-Service Edit and the key collected from the ground floor library help desk. (Use the ticket machine for service).
  • There are no webcams located in the pod, we encourage staff to use their smartphones to record video and use a lapel microphone (such as the Rode smartLav+) for improved audio quality.
Recording audio in the self-service recording pod.

Support on the day

As this is a self-service recording pod, on-demand technical support is limited. Ensure you check the latest information in the room for technical issues.

To log a support query or technical problem with the equipment, please use the general enquiry form.


The following software options are available:


  • Computer: Apple Mac Mini
  • Microphone: Two Rode Procaster mics on boom stands
  • Audio interface: Focusrite 2i2
  • Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT770 (80 Ohm).
Self-service recording studio
Self-service recording pod


Baillieu Library

The self-service recording pod is located on the first floor of the Baillieu Library.


  • Who can use the self-service recording pod?

    They are intended for staff to create teaching and learning resources. Other uses will be considered, on application, by the Associate Director, Learning Environments.

  • How to I get access to the self-service recording pod?

    On the day of your allocated booking, use your staff card for swipe access to the room.

  • What times are the self-service recording pod available?

    Access to the room reflects standard hours of operation. There is no access during the after hours study zone times.

  • What do I do if I need more time at the end of my session to complete my recording?

    If no other bookings are scheduled you may continue using the room by extending your booking in Calendar. Please be aware of the closing time of the library.

  • What do I do if someone arrives at the room for their booking and I need more time?

    Please finish what you are doing and make another booking for another time.

  • Is there a limit to how long or how often I book the room?

    In peak times please limit your booking length to two hours. You can book the room as many days that suits your schedule. However, if the self-service studio is in high demand you may not be able to have all your preferred time slots.