Media format conversion and reproduction

At Learning Environments, we can convert media to and from a number of different formats, helping University staff give their students better access to educational resources.

We currently offer the following services:

  • Video to digital media: We can capture most video formats and transfer to digital formats.
  • Audio to digital media: We can transfer audio content from analogue to digital formats.
  • Video and audio duplication: We can duplicate all video formats and standards (PAL, NTSC, SECAM) and all audio formats.

If the program you want to convert or reproduce has been broadcast on commercial television, there may already be an existing digital resource that you can use. See TV and radio recording  for more information.

Service availability

These services are available to any authorised University of Melbourne staff member. You will be asked to supply a Themis code, and must comply with copyright legislation and guidelines.

Availability is subject to our staffing and resources.

This page was last updated on 17 Feb 2020.

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