About the self-service recording studio

The studio enables University of Melbourne staff to produce recordings and is located in room 128 on the first floor of the Baillieu Library.

New users are encouraged to attend a familiarisation session before using the studio. See below for information about getting started as a new user.

Self-service recording studio in the Baillieu Library

Self-service recording studio in the Baillieu Library

Before using the studio for the first time

  • Familiarisation sessions can be requested between 10am-4pm Monday through Friday, subject to staff and room availability. They last about an hour.
  • Complete the request form, describing the recording activity you are planning and your preferred time and location for a familiarisation session. (Please note that the ERC Self Service Studio is currently closed due to the Student Precinct works).
  • A member of the video and media production team will contact you to confirm the booking.
  • Before your familiarisation session, review the self-service recording studio help videos and resources.
  • The self-service recording studio uses OS X software and a Wacom tablet. The familiarisation session will help you record your sessions effectively, whether you usually use OS X or Windows.
  • Bring your own USB drive, depending on the length of recordings you expect to produce. As an example, six minutes of recording will take up 1GB of file storage. (Files left on the self-service recording studio computer will be deleted periodically.)

Booking the self-service recording studio

Once you have completed the familiarisation session:

  • Check the opening hours for the Baillieu Library or Eastern Resource Centre (Please note: you are not able to get into the rooms during ‘After Hours Study Zone’ times as there is no desk staff avalable.
  • Create an appointment in your own calendar and invite !Baillieu 1st Flr LE Studio-Self. You will be able to check availability before sending the invite but the rooms will reject any attempted double-bookings. Please keep bookings to two hours per day – double bookings may be removed without warning
  • You will get an automated response from the room if the booking is accepted.

Using the self-service recording studio

On the day of your booking:

  • Collect the room key from the ground floor Baillieu Library service desk. Have your staff ID card ready for validation. Use the ticket machine to join the service desk queue, selecting the ‘Library’ option. At peak times the queue may be between 5 to 10 minutes.
  • In the self-service recording studio, record and/or edit your presentation.
  • At the end of your session, copy the finished Screenflow project file onto your personal USB storage device and shut down the computer.
  • If you need more time, check with the service desk whether there is another booking following yours. If not, you can keep using the studio while the service desk is open.
  • Return the key to the service desk (even if another person arrives to use the studio).

Support on the day

As this is a self-service recording studio, on-demand technical support is not available via Student IT, Library, or Learning Environments. Please refer to the support guides and resources for assistance.

To log a support query or technical problem with the equipment, please use the general enquiry form.

Video editing

The following video editing options are available:

  1. Using the supplied Screenflow software in the self-service recording studio.
  2. Using the Screenflow software on your own computer (OS X only). This is available for download from the Telestream website. The free trial version allows you to edit; to export the file you will need to buy a license for $99 USD.
  3. You can get editing assistance from Learning Environments via the general enquiry form.
self-service recording studio

Self-service recording studio

We really enjoyed using the studio and are keen to use it again and branch out into more sophisticated ways of working with it.

Support resources

Self-service recording studio user guides


Equipment and software set-up (Baillieu Library)


  • I want to publish to Vimeo but it’s asking for login details.
    You need to set up an account with Vimeo. For an entire subject or course recording, we recommend Vimeo Plus or Pro ($60/$200 per year).
  • The Wacom tablet isn’t working.
    Sometimes the computer loses communication with the Wacom tablet. If this happens, unplug the tablet’s USB cable from the back of the computer, then plug it back in.


Baillieu Library

This self-service recording studio is located in room 128 on the first floor of the Baillieu Library. You need to collect the room key from the ground floor Baillieu Library service desk.

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