Getting started with virtual reality development

To experience virtual reality you need a VR headset and a mobile device or Windows PC. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive both require a Windows PC to run while the Samsung Gear VR requires a compatible Samsung phone. We do not recommend the Google Cardboard style options due to the current low quality of the overall experience.

PC Hardware

  • VR 1070 Gaming PC – $2349. If you don’t want to piece together a system yourself, this is a well configured pre-built VR ready system.

VR Hardware (prices in AUD)

  • Samsung Gear VR – Available now – $159 (add Samsung S7 phone – $1150)
  • Oculus Rift – Available now – $1035 ($850 + $185 shipping), Touch controllers $199 USD
  • HTC Vive – Available now – $1270 ($1120 + $150 shipping)
  • Sony PlaystationVR – Available now – $550 (Headset only)
  • Google Daydream – Available Nov 2016 – (add Pixel Phone – $1079-$1419)

AR Hardware (prices in AUD)

Simulator Sickness

When developing for virtual reality, it’s important to prevent users from experiencing simulator sickness. This occurs when a user in the real world experiences acceleration beyond a personal comfortable level in the virtual world. Different users have varying levels of tolerance but keep this in mind when creating or demonstrating VR.

Game Engines

Setting up Unity for the Oculus Rift

  1. Create a new Unity project and import the Oculus Rift Unity Package.
  2. Go to Edit, Project Settings, Player – check the box Virtual Reality Supported and set Colour Space to Linear
  3. Go to Edit, Project Settings, Quality – in Anti Aliasing select 8x Multi Sampling
  4. Drag the OVRCameraRig prefab from the Assets folder
  5. Optional – In the CentreEyeAnchor set the near clipping plane to .2, ClearFlags to Solid Colour and Background to Black
  6. Create your VR experience
  7. Press the ‘Play’ button in Unity to preview your project in the Oculus Rift

Guides and resources

3D modelling programs

3D model download sites

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