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Use this form to create a request for event recording services. The prices indicated on this form are to give an approximation of the cost of service. Learning Environments will contact you to discuss your request and, if required, will arrive at a more accurate costing.

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Please allow time for equipment set up – two hours minimum.

Please allow two hours between venue booking time and event recording time
Please allow one hour between event recording end time and venue booking end time

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Note: These prices assume an event duration of up to one hour. For longer events please contact us for a quote. Off campus events are also covered - please contact us. Complex audio set ups for forum and panel discussions may incur additional equipment charges. Please outline your needs in the text box below.

Do you want PowerPoint edited into the presentation? (cost=$150)
Will there be an audience Q and A session you would like included in the video? In many cases there is no additional charge for this option - depending on venue's audio capability.
Where do you want your event recording to be available?
Live streaming (cost=$475)
If live streaming, where do you want the live video to be viewed?
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For information or feedback about our services make a general enquiry