Video and media production

Industry experience, professionalism and know-how of an external creative agency

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Working with the video and media production team means having a full creative team by your side. We collaborate with University of Melbourne staff to create rich, professional video content for teaching and learning, marketing and promotions.

Our team combines the industry experience, professionalism and know-how of an external creative agency with a deep understanding of pedagogy and the culture of the University.

We also offer a range of support services to help you use video and audio content effectively in your teaching and events.

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Video production

Our team of directors, editors and camera operators work in collaboration with academics to take a video project from initial concept to the finished product. We create teaching and learning videos that engage and motivate students, and promotional and marketing videos that make the University and its community shine.


We offer a range of photographic and digital imaging services.

We work with staff to create quality images for education and research, suitable for presentations, publications, and placement in digital repositories. Or you might find the image you're looking for by browsing our extensive image library.

Virtual reality

The Learning Environments Immersion Lab gives academic and professional staff the opportunity to explore and develop virtual reality experiences for teaching and learning, research and engagement.

Video and web conferencing

Need help with video or web conferencing? Learning Environments offers consultation, training and support for meetings, online classes, special events, webinars, job interviews and room equipment configuration. Make an enquiry or support request. Please allow up to 48 hrs notice for any support requests.

After lodging your request you will be contacted by phone and/or email and a consultant will ask for further details about the nature of session, confirm if support is available and let you know if any charges will apply. The request will be added into a new calendar event and the appropriate crew members will be invited. Any updates to the session information will be added into the event so that it is kept up to date.

Charges may apply depending on the nature of the request. Training, consultation and session support during business hours for one-off student related learning and teaching activities in central Learning Space Support rooms is not charged. All other activities may incur charges at a rate of $75/hr per technician determined after the consultation.

Learning Space Support are responsible for the operation of all A/V equipment including permanently installed web and video conferencing equipment in University Services and Chancellory spaces as well as selected faculty learning spaces. They have ad-hoc support available for urgent enquiries to do with faulty equipment. Please note there is no ad-hoc support available either through LSS or LE for video or web conference issues to do with poor internet connectivity or camera/mic setup of the remote site. It is recommended that testing is conducted with any remote participants prior to the connection.

The Zoom conferencing portal includes further information on how to get started with web and video conferencing.

University staff are encouraged to self-support their own video or web conference sessions in spaces with adequate equipment. Learning Space Support provide advice on audio visual upgrades and new installations in teaching spaces and meeting rooms via the project request form.

Self-service recording studios

The self-service recording studios are located in room 128 on the first floor of the Baillieu Library, and in room 504 on the fifth floor of the Eastern Resource Centre. The studios enable University of Melbourne staff to produce professional quality video recordings incorporating lecture slides and whiteboard style annotations.

About video and media production

Meet the video and media production team and find out more about our facilities and equipment, including our popular self-service recording studio.

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