Webinar recording - Collaborative documents and videos with FeedbackFruits

This webinar provides participants with an overview of the Interactive Document and Interactive Video tools within the FeedbackFruits collaborative learning suite.

Webinar recording of Collaborative documents and videos with FeedbackFruits | Recorded September 2021


Interactive Documents and Interactive Videos are online collaboration tools that allow students to discuss and answer inline questions within written study materials such as prescribed readings or videos. This workshop provides participants with the skills to create and use Interactive Document Assignments and Interactive Video Assignments using FeedbackFruits in the LMS.

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify which FeedbackFruits activities suit your teaching and learning needs
  • Build FeedbackFruits Interactive Document assignments
  • Explain to students how to complete the FeedbackFruits activities
  • Understand how to create a suitable Rubric for the activity.

Workshop guide

FeedbackFruits interactive study material guides

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