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Learning Environments and the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education jointly offer professional development opportunities in this series. Sessions will provide a diverse range of topics looking at good practice in learning and teaching with technology.

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Learning Analytics Learning analytics can give teaching staff detailed insight into how learners are engaging with the subject content and learning activities presented to them. Go
Creating and using rubrics for assessment Learn how to create a well designed rubric for your subject Go
Design for online learning: Crafting great quizzes Discover how you can craft and deliver high quality formative and graded quiz questions as a part of your assessment strategy. Go
Designing for online learning: Choosing the right Activity The workshop will discuss key strategies for identifying, choosing and constructing different types of activities for different purposes and learning outcomes, improving existing activities to support deeper learning and online delivery challenges, and demonstrate tools that can support these types of activities. Go
Activities for encouraging interaction in synchronous online learning During this workshop we will discuss strategies for encouraging student interaction in live online teaching. Go
Improving online: Three strategies for a successful student experience This workshop will offer straightforward and practical strategies to implement three key aspects in your subject. Go
Padletry: Designing collaborative activities for engaged learning Learn how to promote student-centred and active learning using the web-based whiteboard tool, Padlet. Go
Designing for online learning: Rethinking your lecture slides This workshop we will look at how you can transform your existing lecture materials into a more engaging online format that’s sure to enhance the overall student experience. Go
FlexAP LTI: Designing a fully-online subject with LE Intended for subject coordinators and teachers who would like to know more about collaborating with Learning Environments (LE) to design and develop a fully-online subject using Learning and Teaching Initiative funds. Go
Creating effective video assessment Learn how to create student-generated video assessments that allow students to focus on the tasks and not the medium or the technology used to complete them. Go
Designing open-book online exams There are many advantages to offering online open-book exams. When designed well, they allow students to demonstrate their achievement of subject learning outcomes in fair, reliable and valid ways. Go
Presenting to webcam Explore and apply the skills behind presenting to camera effectively and engagingly. Go
The art of authentic video storytelling (over 2 sessions) Over this two-session masterclass be inspired to create effective and engaging videos for your teaching and learning practice or your social media channels. Go

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