Discipline-specific skills

A video designed to provide students with specialised knowledge and abilities.

Discipline-specific skills are the specific knowledge and capabilities that are crucial for a student to progress academically and professionally in their chosen field. Different disciplines can require very different skillsets. For example:

  • Laboratory procedures for a chemistry subject
  • Statistical analysis for a psychology subject
  • Design software for a design subject
  • Lesson planning for a teaching course
  • Discipline-specific referencing system
  • Cannulation in a medical subject.

The aim of a video teaching discipline-specific skills is to provide students with specialized knowledge and abilities, with an emphasis on teaching and demonstrating practicable skills. The video should focus on describing the processes or procedures that make up the skill in a way that a student can replicate.


Consider the suitability of the type of video you plan to use for the type of skill you are trying to teach. For instance, a screencast is a good way to teach the skills necessary for using a certain kind of software but it wouldn't be as effective for instructing someone on how to shoot a basketball.

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