Using Lecture Capture and Zoom for online classes

There are three main video communication technologies being used to support online classes, video and web conferencing and webinars:

  • Lecture Capture

    The Lecture Capture (Echo360) system records lectures and events in supported venues. Recordings are made available to students as streaming video or audio, via Lecture Capture links in your LMS subjects.

    Resources and advice on using Lecture Capture

    Please note however, that during COVID-19 restrictions, there are no in-venue lectures being recorded.

  • Universal Capture

    Universal Capture allows you to self-record videos or audio and then upload them to the Lecture Capture system to share them with your students.

    You can log into Lecture Capture directly and access support resources for staff and students.

  • Zoom

    Zoom is a high-quality video and audio online conferencing tool for desktops and smartphones. It is ideal for online classes, meetings, special events, webinars, remote working and job interviews. Zoom is integrated into your LMS subject and can be used to deliver your synchronous online tutorials. Please also consider using LMS discussions for asynchronous tutorials.

    Log into Zoom and access support resources for staff

While these will be familiar tools as we have moved to online teaching and learning and holding virtual meetings, the following resources and advice may help you find ways to improve and enhance the experience!

How do I deliver my lecture online?

Using Universal Capture, you can record a screen capture and/or webcam to create a video to replace your lecture. For the best student experience, we suggest you:

  • Break up your lecture into small 5-10-minute video and/or audio recordings
  • Create a combination of small videos, audio recordings, readings and online activities to replace your lecture.

For further advice on how to create great videos see create your own professional video.

The following guides will take you through recording your videos and audio using Universal Capture and editing them from Lecture Capture plus embedding them in your LMS subject.

How do I deliver my tutorial online using Zoom?