Team teaching

Peter Stuckey and Jimmy Lee, instructors in the Basic and Advanced Modeling for Discrete Optimization (MDO) MOOCs, wanted to create a tutorial like feel for their weekly workshop solution videos. They opted for a conversational approach in these videos – much more informal than the style of their core video material.

A team teaching approach like this can help break the ‘fourth wall’ of the screen by making the learner feel as though they are sitting around a table with their instructors. Current evidence suggests that dialogue between presenters can create a more effective and engaging learning experience (Chi, Kang, & Yaghmourian, 2017).

TIP – Modify this approach by including a subject matter expert and a group of students asking questions or being questioned during a video. Some rehearsal and scripting of questions and answers may assist with achieving the desired learning outcomes for the lesson.

Chi, M. T. H., Kang, S., & Yaghmourian, D. L. (2017). Why Students Learn More From Dialogue- Than Monologue-Videos: Analyses of Peer Interactions. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 26(1), 10–50.

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