Student stories help shape new learning and teaching resource

Learning Environments and MDHS researchers have built a new resource to introduce researchers to qualitative research.

Undertaking a postgraduate research project can be a huge challenge, even more so if you’re juggling a busy career as a clinician.

To help new researchers access ‘just in time’ support, Associate Professor Clare Delany and her team from the Medical Education department enlisted the help of video producers and web designers from Learning Environments to launch Qualitative Journeys.

Screen shot form the qualitative journeys website
The qualitative journeys website

For Clare, it was particularly important to put real student journeys at the centre of the design process. She conducted video interviews with a cohort of budding researchers over the course of a year, charting both wins and challenges.

Still from a video from the qualitative journeys website
One of the videos on the qualitative journeys website

Visitors to the online resource can now explore these real student stories, with in-video hotspots allowing them to choose to follow a single research story, jump directly to the chapter that matches their own journey, or launch supplementary resources on methods, ethics, analysis, and other common themes arising from the interviews.

Woman talking to camera in an interview
One of the videos on the qualitative journeys website

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