Learning Environments partners with CAPS on student mental wellbeing

An innovative staff training program created by Learning Environments and Counselling and Psychological Services.

woman with sad look on face

Learning Environments recently partnered with Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to create an innovative staff training program about understanding and assisting students undergoing mental distress and mental health difficulties.

The project features a multipronged approach, exploring the issues around student mental health by utilising a variety of different video production styles - including narrative storytelling, documentary interviews, and roundtable discussions.

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The project’s centrepiece is a series of narrative short films featuring that follow one lecturer (played by Maya Aleksandra, who has appeared in shows like Neighbours, Wilfred, and Footballer Wants a Wife) as she realises that one of her students is going through a tough time, seeks advice from colleagues, and is ultimately able to have a frank discussion with the student and recommend help from CAPS.

The training also features heartfelt stories from students who have experienced mental health difficulties during their studies, and the project’s roundtable discussion brings together staff members from a range of areas within the University to discuss the different ways staff (whether academic or professional) can best assist students who may be struggling with mental health issues.

Learning Environments is proud to have collaborated with CAPS on such an important project and hopes that the online LMS training will enable the service to have an even more positive impact on the University’s staff and students.

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