Green/blue screens

A green/blue screen studio or setup can assist in making voice over slides more effective. Adding a presenter gives the learners another focus point than just the material presented on the slides.

Green screen recording

Slides with a lot of content may need to be redistributed over many slides, or the presenter dropped for a few slides while the data/text/information is being presented. Prioritise what you feel learners need to see on a slide over what’s nice for them to see. In some instances less is more; busy slides can be distracting and confusing.

Some learners report feeling a more personal connection with the presenter by being able to see their face and hand gestures. While most presenters are very confident in a lecture theatre setting, talking to camera is a different ballgame and can be daunting, time consuming and tiring! Practice can sometimes make perfect. A teleprompter may help if you prefer to script your presentations.

However, if using a green/blue screen studio setup, consider extending its use to more than just a talking head. See if you can react to the data or an animation/build in the slides like a weather person does on TV. This allows an organic level of data visualisation to be achieved.


Filming against a green/blue screen in a studio can be expensive as camera operators, light and sound technicians may be required. Consider other options like self-record studios or using your own computer’s webcam. Note, however, that you may need to edit this footage yourself and the quality of footage that is captured may not be as good as that which is professionally produced.