Fable based learning

Peter Stuckey and Jimmy Lee incorporated fable based learning into the design of their Basic and Advanced Modeling for Discrete Optimization (MDO) MOOCs.

Fable based learning creates a narrative strand that weaves the learning journey together for the learner. Each of the core videos in these courses starts with a short animation relating to a traditional Chinese fable, the ‘Romance of Three Kingdoms.’ In these animations learners are challenged with a problem that they need to solve. They are motivated to move onto the next video and chapter in the story by solving new problems in a gamified set of scenarios.

This fable based approach is a form of authentic learning, as the animation poses a challenge that relates to a ‘real world problem’. This has immediate application to the learner as many of the problems they encounter are similar to those in real life.

Tip: Animation can be visually attractive, but be aware of the higher production costs involved for even simple, low level animations.

Jimmy Ho-Man Lee, Fong-Lok Lee, and Tai-Shing Lau. (2006).  Folklore-based Learning on the Web – Pedagogy, Case Study and Evaluation. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 34(1), 1-27.

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