The flipped classroom

Theory, research and practice workshops

Room G01
Elisabeth Murdoch building


About this session

The flipped classroom has received much attention in recent years and is an increasingly popular choice for university teachers wanting to make better use of face-to-face time with students. However, the diverse range of flipped classroom implementations has created confusion about what exactly is a flipped classroom, and what are the learning benefits for students.

This workshop aims to clarifying common misconceptions about the flipped classroom model by exploring what it is, how it works, why it is significant, and what are the downsides.

The workshop will be run as a flipped classroom model so participants are expected to do some preparatory reading prior to the workshop. Participants will also have the opportunity to design a flipped classroom experience for their own teaching and learning context.


Kristine Elliott MCSHE
Julian Harris Learning Environments

Please note: This session is open to University of Melbourne staff only