Padletry: Designing collaborative activities for engaged learning

Designing for learning with technology

Learn how to promote student-centred and active learning using the web-based whiteboard tool, Padlet.

About this session

Padlet, a web-based whiteboard tool, is used for teaching and learning in the Faculty of Arts to promote student-centred and active learning. Drawing on examples shared from the Arts Faculty, this session will demonstrate the creative possibilities of this versatile tool to assist with directing discussion, reflection, brainstorming, content curation and resource collection.

This session aims to provide participants with an overview of how the tool is being used in different contexts (both face-to-face and online) for collating and collaborating ideas, facilitating group and individual learning.  Practical tips, design considerations and integration with the LMS will also be shared. Practical tips, design considerations and integration with the LMS will also be shared.

The intended learning outcomes are:

  • Set up a Padlet account
  • Identify the key features and how to use Padlet
  • Explore Padlet and consider how it might be incorporated into a particular teaching context
  • Design a teaching & learning activity to incorporate Padlet in your teaching


Meredith Hinze, Manager eLearning/eTeaching, Faculty of Arts

Meredith supports an active learning strategy and blended learning methodology, by taking a disciplinary-specific approach to focus on digital media and technology solutions to support innovative teaching and learning practices in the humanities and social sciences. Meredith has over 20 years of experience in providing educational technology support and professional development training for academic staff. Meredith has special interests in learning design and in the application of social media and digital communications in teaching and learning.

Please note: This session is open to University of Melbourne staff only