Designing for learning with technology

Professional development programs for staff

Learning Environments and the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education jointly offer professional development opportunities. Sessions will provide a diverse range of topics covering the use of learning technologies in teaching.

Upcoming events

Program categories

Theory, research and practice workshops

These ‘hands-on’ workshops delivered by Learning Environments and MCSHE staff provide participants with an overview of the:

  • Theoretical basis for using digital technologies in teaching and learning
  • Supporting evidence and teaching case studies from research
  • Activities, strategies and tips for practice.

Each workshop focuses on a key topic related to designing for learning with technology.

Participants will be able to work on their ideas and current projects in these workshops to build relevant and useful examples in their own disciplinary context.

Practical pedagogy sessions

The practical pedagogy sessions provide an opportunity for academic, professional and Learning Environments staff to showcase tools and methods used in teaching and learning with technology.

These sessions have been developed to demonstrate innovative pedagogical tools in practice, as well as create opportunities for discussion and collaboration.

Participants attending these sessions will:

  • Learn how to put new ideas into practice
  • See examples of practical applications
  • Share feedback about their experiences and learn from those shared by others
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration.


These masterclasses have been developed as short intensive sessions, focusing on new tools, activities or ideas to inspire and extend the possibilities of teaching with digital and media technologies.

These are ‘hands-on’, practical demonstrations using example case studies. The classes will be delivered by experienced Learning Environments staff using a problem based ‘see one, do one’ approach. Participants are encouraged to bring their own examples or projects for a more relevant experience!