What are students thinking right now? Use a poll live in class to find out!

What are students thinking? Do they understand the concept? How do we increase student engagement in lectures and tutorials?

Using polls is a powerful way for teaching staff to keep abreast of the student experience, including gauging prior knowledge and understanding of concepts, as well as to draw out common misconceptions.

Poll Everywhere is a simple to use polling tool that is available on the computers in all lecture spaces throughout the University. In synchronous settings such as lectures, seminars and tutorials, teaching staff can integrate polls directly into their lecture slides and use polls live in a session, leading to greater agility and adaptability of teaching direction and focus.

Various poll types can be used, including Multiple Choice, Word Clouds, and Open Ended questions (as well as many others!) An example of a Word Cloud poll is shown below. This simple poll could be used in a synchronous teaching setting to assess student knowledge at the beginning of a unit of teaching. Students could take the poll during a lecture using their mobile device, and the results of the poll could then be displayed to the class in real-time within the lecture slide.

Example of a Word Cloud poll
Example of a Word Cloud poll


Polls can also be used asynchronously where questions can be embedded in the LMS for students to respond to outside of class time. For example, a Multiple Choice poll embedded in the LMS is shown below. In this poll, students are asked to respond to a question about a relevant reading.

A Multiple Choice poll embedded in the LMS
A Multiple Choice poll embedded in the LMS

After answering the poll, the student can then immediately see the responses of their peers as below.

Students can see the results of the poll live on the LMS
Students can see the results of the poll live on the LMS

These examples demonstrate the advantages Poll Everywhere offers to increase interaction and engagement in teaching and learning. Interpreting the data collected using such polls can also yield valuable directives for planning further teaching and learning activities.

How to get started!

Learning Environments provides workshops and support resources on using Poll Everywhere in your teaching. For further support or to arrange a consultation, please log a support request.




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Written by
Fiona Broussard

Learning Environments support centre