Transferring grades from the LMS into StudentOne

If you’ve been using the LMS Grade Centre all semester to keep track of tests, assignments and exam grades, you’re probably getting very close to putting the the official student grades into the University’s student management system, StudentOne (previously known as ISIS).

The below embedded video is an excellent explanation on how to do this but in summary the steps are:

  1. Download the data entry template from StudentOne (or request it from your appropriate departmental support staff).
  2. Download the results from the LMS Grade Centre (Work Offline >> Download>> choose Selected column and select column with overall subject result>>Submit)
  3. Sort each spreadsheet so they’re ordered by student ID.
  4. Convert the downloaded LMS data number format from ‘percentage with two decimal places’ to ‘whole number’, using the formula: =ROUND((E2*100),0)
  5. Paste the data from LMS download spreadsheet into the StudentOne data entry template.
  6. Change grades if needed, for example to NH, 49 if hurdle requirements have not been met.

The data can then be uploaded into StudentOne, as per appropriate departmental/Faculty processes.

Note: In case you’re wondering why the LMS can’t automatically populate the grades into StudentOne, the reason is simple – quality control. If grades were automatically sent from LMS to StudentOne and there was a mistake in a component grade (eg: a student was accidentally graded as 80 out of a possible 50 for an assignment), it would have a dramatic effect on a student’s subject grade. We need real people involved to perform the appropriate checks to ensure grades are correct. After all, getting the subject grades correct is rather important!

Guides that also may help

Grade Centre – Transferring grades from LMS to StudentOne – link to above animated guide

Calculating Weighted Grades in LMS paper guide

Grade Centre – Download grades animated guide

Grade Center – paper guide

As always, if you need any assistance please do not hesitate to log a help desk request.

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Written by
Catherine Manning

Learning Environments support centre