Students enter the virtual world

On Thursday 17 November, Learning Environments hosted a two hour “Behind the Scenes” workshop on the making of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and new technologies in Virtual Reality. A keen and interested group of University of Melbourne students from Arts, Education and Engineering took part in the workshop.

Jamie Morris, Video Producer with Learning Environments, introduced the students to MOOCs and outlined the way that The University of Melbourne makes its own MOOCs on campus using ‘green screens’, teleprompters, backdrops and more. (For an example of a recent University of Melbourne MOOC, see How Music Can Change Your Life.)

Ben Loveridge, Communications and Media Production Consultant with Learning Environments, introduced the students to using the HTC Vive, which is a Virtual Reality headset and motion tracked handheld controllers that allow the user to interact with a virtual world in 3D space. Students each took part using the device to participate in various tasks. Students quickly identified that this technology could be beneficial in their own studies.

Student using HTC Vive device
University of Melbourne Bachelor of Arts student Jack Turner using HTC Vive Virtual Reality device

Thank you to our students Ashley Blaher, Alana Cameron, Brittany Pistevos, Camille Stevenson-Mentiplay and Jack Turner for their enthusiastic participation!

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Written by
Fiona Broussard

Learning Environments support centre