Semester 1 2019 LMS subjects will be created soon!

Subject creation and access

LMS subjects are created 180 days before their Study Period Start date in the Study Package Availability Enquiry screen in StudentOne.

This is an automated process and there are 3 options from which subjects are created:

  1. Copy forward: a subject is copied directly from a previous iteration so long as it has a matching period.
    eg: HIST10001_2019_SM1 will be copied from HIST10001_2018_SM1. If the availability has changed (eg HIST10001_2018_MAR, then the subject will be created using the default University of Melbourne template
  2. Faculty or department template: departments or faculties may choose to create their subjects based on a departmental or faculty template. This is usually specific to each area such as layout of subject menu and items included within it.
  3. UoM template: if no selection is made, the default University of Melbourne template is used.

For example: PSYC20001_2019_SM1 will be created in the LMS on 3 September 2018 – 180 days before the Study Period Start date (4/3/2019):

Study Package Availability Enquiry screen in StudentOne
Study Package Availability Enquiry screen in StudentOne

Each subject has an owning org unit code which is directly tied to a department in StudentOne. Therefore, subject creation is based on a department’s subject choice as a whole (it is not possible to personalise each subject’s creation method on an individual basis).

When will I have access to my subject?

If the primary subject coordinator is associated with a subject in StudentOne, they are automatically added to LMS subjects at the time of creation. If teaching staff details have changed after the subject has been created, the updated details are not automatically fed into the LMS.

What do I do if I cannot see my subject in my LMS?

When you log into the LMS, click the subjects tab to view a list of all available subjects. If you cannot see your subject in the list, please also check that your subject is not hidden from your view.

If you still do not see your subject, please contact your local LMS representative. Your LMS representatives have access to LMS subjects related to your area.

If you are unable to contact your LMS representative, or have any further queries, please contact us by logging a support request.

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Written by
Neville Unvalla

Learning Environments support centre