Readings Online: New improved service

Readings Online is a service for academic staff that provides access to subject readings via the LMS and manages the University’s copyright obligations when making copyright material available to students.

The Library has received funding for 2017 to provide support for academics to transition their course readings into the Readings Online system. As PDFs of subject readings can now only be made available via Readings Online, academics should submit their reading lists immediately to take advantage of the support provided by the Readings Online team. We are still accepting Semester 2 reading lists (readings can then be reused in 2018) as well as Semester 1 reading lists for 2018.

New specialized software has meant improvements for staff making subject readings available – it’s quicker and easier – and also for students accessing the readings.

To manage risk and be copyright compliant, staff must use Readings Online when providing access to PDFs of subject readings.

Other benefits in using Readings Online include:

Students will have a consistent experience. Readings Online is integrated with the LMS making it easy for students to find their subject readings regardless of subject.
Readings can be easily organised into categories as desired, e.g. by week, by topic, by format, or the type of reading, for example ‘required’ or ‘recommended’.
Readings are provided in an accessible format, ensuring that all students can access their readings and assisting the University to meet its accessibility obligations.
Statistics are provided on how many students have accessed each reading.
Once readings have been added to the Readings Online database, they can be easily shared by other subjects and reused the following year.

To assist academics to transition their subjects to Readings Online, we are running information sessions throughout August and September for staff to learn more and ask questions.

Please register for an information session by visiting

To find out more about using Readings Online visit the website –

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Written by
Fiona Broussard

Learning Environments support centre