Playpens: your personal space to experiment and play with the LMS

All staff with an identity in the LMS also have their own ‘playpen‘ subject where they can build content, play with tools and assessment options, and test their subject design without the worry of it being visible to students!

Your individual ‘playpen’ subject appears in the list of your subjects in the LMS. It appears as follows:

PP <your username> Playpen: <first name last name>

It is available only to you, unless you choose to add other staff members to it.

Making use of the Student-Preview feature can add further value to using your playpen. After creating an assessment, you can then make a submission to that assignment as your student-preview identity. Continuing the assessment and marking cycle, you could then mark that submission, and then see what the marks and feedback will look like to your student-preview user.

Be creative! Play! Discover all that the LMS has to offer!

For assistance with content, tools and assessment, check the online guides, or log a support request – we’d love to play along.




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Written by
Fiona Broussard

Learning Environments support centre