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Expose yourself to the modern landscape of education by enrolling in one of the Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) this month offered by The University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education (MGSE), ranked number 1 in Australia for education.

Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills is a course designed for teachers, school leaders, assessment specialists and educators all over the world who are interested in how to apply the skills of creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication to today’s classrooms. This MOOC delves deeply into collaborative problem-solving; focusing on how to teach it and how it can be assessed. The design for this MOOC was based on the highly successful evidence-based, clinical approach to teaching practice that the MGSE is renowned for.

Join Emeritus Professor Patrick Griffin and his team for four-weeks of guided study, interactive learning activities, and discussion in this MOOC hosted by Coursera.

MOOCs challenge everyone involved – participants and staff – to use and improve their skills in digital learning, which is in itself a 21st century skill

Professor Griffin

MOOCs themselves are transforming the environment of higher education. Be a part of this change, whilst developing your own knowledge of 21st century skills. These courses are available to everyone, everywhere, and only require an internet enabled device and commitment to learning.

Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills begins 11th September, 2017.

Enrol now or watch this video to find out more.


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Written by
Emma Fazzino

Learning Environments support centre