Managing community membership in 2017

Are you planning to use LMS Communities in 2017? Communities can be populated with participants in a few ways. One method is to have identified subjects ‘cohort linked’ into the community, with students in the linked subjects automatically flowing through to the community. If you have communities ‘cohort linked’ from 2016 subjects, please note that the membership of the community is not automatically linked to the 2017 version of the subjects.

The most efficient way to manage a community membership that needs cohort linking to 2017 subjects is to request a brand new 2017 community and make the old community unavailable.

After your new community has been created, you can use the Community Copy tool to bring all or some of the content across from an existing community. This will save you time compared to building the new community content from scratch.

To request a new community please submit the below information.

  • Community name
  • Brief description (a sentence will suffice)
  • Subjects to be cohort linked to the community (if applicable): subject codes should contain the full subject ID, e.g. HIST12345_2017_SM1.

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