Lecture Capture: legacy system decommission

As part of the ongoing Lecture Capture system improvement works, Learning Environments will soon be proceeding with decommissioning the legacy Echo System Server (ESS).

On Friday 20 July 2018 we will be shutting down the servers that provide access to legacy content. This may affect you and/or your students if you are currently linking directly to any lecture recordings or other videos hosted on the legacy Lecture Capture system.


What do I need to do?

To best prepare for the decommission, we ask that you:

  • Update any links on websites or 3rd party applications that are pointing to content in the old system to point to the new system instead.
  • Update any Lecture Capture links in the LMS that are still pointing to content in the old system to point to the new system instead.

How do I know if my link needs to be updated?

If the URL of your link begins with then it is pointing to the legacy system.

Note, links to recordings in the new system begin with

What content is available in the new system?

In preparation for this change, the Learning Environments team has already migrated the below content to the new Lecture Capture System:

  • All regular lecture recordings from 2017 only.
  • All ad-hoc booking recordings from 2015 through to 2017.

Note, all lecture recordings from 2016 and earlier will be considered legacy content, and will be inaccessible once the legacy server has been decommissioned.

I need additional content to be migrated to the new system

The Learning Environments team will work with you to ensure your content has been migrated to the new system and is available to be linked to publicly. Please submit a request using our Lecture Capture support form if you require access to any recordings that have not yet been migrated to the new Lecture Capture system.


After monitoring the service and assisting with content migration, the Echo System will then be fully decommissioned during the week commencing Monday 13 August 2018. This means that all legacy content will completely inaccessible if it hasn’t been migrated to the new system.

If you have any queries or concerns about the upcoming works, please contact us using our Lecture Capture support form.

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Written by
Calani Hamilton

Learning Environments support centre