How were students using learning technologies in 2016: a graph is worth a thousand words

Are you a bit of a data nerd? ‘Fess up – you’ve always wanted to know what the students are actually doing in the LMS and Lecture Capture services, haven’t you! You may have wondered – do students actually make use of all the effort you put into building a subject in the LMS?  The graphs below show that yes, they do!

In this first chart showing student use of Lecture Capture, you can see the last three years of activity by students. What is immediately obvious is the shape of activity over the calendar year, and the year on year growth of use of the service. Despite the service issues at the start of this semester, 2016 saw around 4.8 Million views of lecture recordings! What is also interesting is the quite high use rate by students throughout the semesters and not just during SWOTVAC.

The LMS tells a similar story.

graph22016-12-20_13-38-25Again, you can see the shape of the activity across the calendar year, where the profiles of individual weeks is also very telling, showing a peak on Mondays and a slight drop-off across the week with the weekends showing noticeably less activity. The mid-semester breaks are also obvious. In total, the LMS saw nearly 24M user sessions throughout 2016, with over 152.5M individual page views!

Do these two graphs match up, you may ask! Merging the two graphs gives the chart below, showing a correlation as to how the students engaged with the central learning technologies throughout the year.


We love charts and data, and hope that you find it useful too! If there are other data questions you have or other reports on learning technologies you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via our support request form.

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Written by
Fiona Broussard

Learning Environments support centre