Get ready for Semester 2 with Readings Online

All subjects should now be using Readings Online to make subject readings available to students.

See below for three ways to prepare for your upcoming teaching period using this tool:

1. For returning users of Readings Online, users should check that their reading list is available to students. Readings will be available to students if they have a green ‘active’ status. Each item in a list has a period of availability which may need to be reset if you are starting a new teaching period. You may wish to read our guide on how to rollover your subject readings. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact us.

2. For new users, Library staff will turn your supplied reading list into a Readings Online list accessible by students via the LMS. Alternatively, if you would like to do it yourself there are guides available on the Readings Online website. We are always happy to assist subjects in using this tool, even if you have already begun teaching. Please contact Readings Online to get started today.

3. Throughout June and July, the Library is running workshops on using the Readings Online tool for your LMS subject. These workshops will show you almost everything about this tool and is a great way to get started. See the Readings Online events page for full details of workshops available!

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Written by
Fiona Broussard

Learning Environments support centre