Creating Calculated Grade Centre columns in the LMS

The LMS Grade Centre columns are a powerful mix of both automatically created columns associated with particular LMS assessment items (e.g. quizzes, assignments) and columns manually created by staff to display different aspects of student progress and achievement.

In particular, Calculated columns can be created to show subtotals, averages, or weighted totals based on information collected in the Grade Centre. Because there are so many ways these columns can be constructed it is essential to carefully check that the information in the column is correctly calculating the required outcome.

Tips for using Calculated columns:

  • It is better to create a new calculated column, rather than rely on a copy from a previous year, as the previous version may be using old columns that don’t exist any more.
  • Check that you choose the correct columns – sometimes there are multiple columns with the same name! From the Grade Centre, go to Manage > Columns Organisation to view all columns in the Grade Centre, even ones that are hidden.
  • When creating a Weighted Total Column based on several assessment items that each contribute a percentage of the total, choose ‘Running Total = No’ so that items without an attempt are calculated with a score of zero.
  • Use the Student Preview tool (remembering to save the data when exiting) to create an identity in the Grade Centre. You can then enter sample marks for your student-preview identity and check that the calculations are as expected.

For more information see the Grade Centre user guides or submit a support request.



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Written by
Bronwyn Disseldorp

Learning Environments support centre