Customising your dashboard in Canvas

As we continue to make progress towards to the migration of all subjects to Canvas, you may notice additional subjects appearing in your Canvas dashboard. Your dashboard shows tiles for each subject and is usually limited to 20 tiles (though this can also be changed if required).

You may wish to hide some subject tiles from your dashboard if you are not using them at the moment (for example, some 2019 subject tiles) or rearrange and prioritise other subject tiles based on how frequently you wish to access them.

To customise your dashbboard, use the following steps:

  1. Click the Dashboard icon in your menu
  2. Click 'All Subjects'

  3. Click and highlight the star icon next to any subject that you wish to appear as a tile on your dashboard.

A Canvas guide is also available for further information on how you can customise your dashboard view.

For other Canvas guides, see the following Index of Guides.

To make an enquiry about your Canvas subjects or get support, submit a support request.