Who are the additional users in my subject?

Additional users may be added to LMS subjects to support staff and students. Who are they, and what access do they have?

In addition to the relevant teaching staff and students, there are often a number of other users in an LMS subject. These additional users can include:

ITAS tutors

The Indigenous and Tutorial Assistance Scheme allows for qualified tutors to work one-to-one with enrolled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to assist with their academic studies. If these tutors are working with students in your subject, you may see an additional username in your subject of the form itas.username. .

ITAS tutors have student-level access to the subject only.

College tutors

Tutorial staff associated with the University's Colleges and Halls of Residence are given access to subjects in order to assist students with their study. If College Tutors have been added to your subject, you will see additional users in your subject of the form ct.username.

College tutors have student-level access to the subject only.

External Users

People without a University of Melbourne staff or student username may be added to the student/participant list of a subject/community as an External User. You will see External Users in your subject with the form ex.username. .

External users have student-level access to the subject only.

Accessibility Officers

The Student Equity and Disability Support service provides eligible students with assistance in their study. Part of this assistance can involve an LMS subject, where a relevant accessibility officer is given access to a subject. .

Accessibility officers appear with their normal staff username and are often added as a Designer with limited staff-level access.

Administrative support staff

From time time, support staff from your faculty or from the central Learning Environments area may be added to your subject to provide administrative and/or teaching and learning support..

Administrative support users will appear with their normal staff username and have staff-level access.

If you have any queries or concerns about any users appearing in your subject, please contact Learning Environments by submitting a support request.