What's hidden in your Grade Centre?

The Grade Centre is the area of a subject or community where grades are managed. Sometimes, however, it is also the area where mysteries and trouble reside. Extra columns, columns that are hidden from staff but not students, old Turnitin columns and other suspects can lurk in your Grade Centre, causing much confusion.

Now is the time to find out: what's hidden in your Grade Centre?

The first step to investigating your Grade Centre is to go behind the scenes. To see what is hidden in your Grade Centre, simply click on the Manage menu, then choose Column Organisation.

Column organisation

This will show you a full list of every column, including columns that may have been hidden from staff. The following are some initial steps to take to reveal and repair the common causes of Grade Centre intrigue, also known as Grade Centre confusion.

1. Are the columns in the order that you wish them to appear?

Make your Grade Centre easier to navigate by rearranging the order that the columns appear. By default, a new column will appear to the far right of the Grade Centre, but you can rearrange them by going behind the scenes. Go to Manage > Column Organisation, and move a column up or down the list by clicking and dragging the arrow to the left.

Dragging an item up moves it closer to the left of the Grade Centre grid, and dragging an item down moves it (you guessed it!) to the right of Grade Centre. Moving an item all the way to the top of the list, (above the 'frozen' line) will ensure that the column remains 'frozen' on the left of the Grade Centre even as you scroll left and right.

reorder columns

2. Are there any old columns that no longer need to be there?

Souvenirs, mementos and historical artefacts are wonderful things, except when it comes to the Grade Centre. If a column has a date from a previous year, or even several years ago, it might be time to let it go. If the column has a date on it from yesteryear, it means it has been copied over from a previous instance of the subject, so it will continue to exist in it's older subject for safekeeping indefinitely.Old columns

Of course, if you've repurposed the column for the current year, and have current student data in it, don't delete it (have a chat to Learning Environments if you want to double check). When looking at Manage > Column Organsation, you'll see the year the column was created in one of the right hand columns. Whilst you can't delete the columns from here, you could move them all to the top or bottom of the list. This means that when you click 'Submit', you can easily identify the columns you wish to delete. From here, you can click the drop-down arrow in the title of the column, and select 'Delete'. Immediately, you and your Grade Centre will begin to feel lighter, happier, and better looking.

Delete column

3. Are there any Turnitin columns that you don't need, but can't seem to delete?

Sometimes it's hard to get rid of old Turnitin columns. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You've deleted the Turnitin assignments from previous years in good faith, but when you check the Grade Centre, you can see columns for those same Turnitin assignments, just hanging around there. In this case, you cannot delete them yourself. They are now what we call 'ophaned' Turnitin columns. To have them removed, simply contact Learning Environments, and we can remove them for you. Before you contact us, it's best to rename these columns something like 'Delete me', so that we can delete the correct columns for you.

4. Are there columns that are hidden from staff, but *not* from students?

A common 'gotcha' of using Grade Centre is to hide a column from staff, without first hiding it from students. In this scenario, students can find it very confusing to see assessments or items in their My Grades view that you never intended them to see. They may contact you and ask you what a particular assessment is all about, and you will wonder what they are referring to, as it does not appear in your own Grade Centre view. To fix this problem, the first step is to use Student Preview to see exactly what students are seeing. Enter Student Preview by clicking the icon on the top right of the subject:

Student Preview

After entering Student Preview, go to the My Grades link in your Subject menu. This will show you exactly what a student sees. If there are assignments there that you were not expecting to see, this means they have probably been hidden from the staff view in Grade Centre, without being hidden from students.

To fix this problem, you will need to go back behind the scenes in Grade Centre to Manage > Column Organisation and unhide these columns by checking the box, then selecting Show/Hide, then Show at the bottom of the list.


After clicking Submit, you will now see these columns in Grade Centre. From here, it's just one last step to fix the problem: click the arrow in the title bar and select Show/Hide to Students. You'll now see an icon with a red slash through it in the title bar of the column, indicating that the column is hidden from students.

Hide from students

If you wish to hide the column from staff again, click that arrow in the title bar again, and this time select "Hide Column from Staff". At this point, you could go back into Student Preview, and check that everything appears as it should.

5. Congratulations, you have now successfully improved the health and well-being of your Grade Centre.

If you'd like extra assistance, or for someone to check your work and appreciate your efforts, please contact us.

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