What our systems did in 2018

The LMS and other educational technologies provide an essential service to staff and students throughout the University in supporting learning and teaching. In this post, we look back on 2018, and marvel at how much these systems and technologies have been utilised; continuing to break records year after year!


  • Maximum log-ins on a single day peaked at 159,952 on April 16 2018 - beating our record for 2017 by 150,174!
  • Minimum logins on a single day was 1,673 - on Christmas Day! This number exceeded that for Christmas day in 2017. This is a remarkable amount of activity for the University shut-down and public holiday period.
  • The average number of LMS logins per day was 73,006
  • The total number of LMS logins for the year was our highest yet of: 25,114,064 logins, compared to 24,645,932 in 2017.
LMS log-ins across 2018
LMS logins 2018


The University’s Turnitin usage has increased every year since its implementation in 2012.

  • Submissions for the year reached 524,693, an increase from 484,996 in 2017.
  • The highest number of submissions occurred on June 4, followed by October 29 - both dates being the first Monday of the exam period.
Turnitin logins 2018
Turnitin logins 2018

Lecture Capture

The University moved to the Echo360 Cloud service for Lecture Capture in February 2018; going on-line on the 19th February 2018. The new system measures statistics differently to the previous system so it is difficult to compare usage between the years, however we can report that:

  • During 2018, students engaged in 121,077,126 minutes or 2,017,952 hours of viewing time. This figure does not capture when students downloaded the lecture capture recording and watched offline. This figure is equivalent to 230.2 years of viewing activity! This has led the University to now be the largest user of Echo360 in Australia per student viewing activity.
  • The highest months for viewing recordings were May, followed by October, coinciding with periods where students may be revising for end of semester assessments.
Graph indicating the high use of lecture capture by students
Lecture Capture usage 2018

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere was launched at the University in August 2017. A huge leap in the usage beyond the pockets of usage prior to this University-wide licence was quickly seen.

  • Over 2018, there were 582 active presenters who deployed 8,892 polls
  • Multiple choice polls constituted 65% of the polls, followed by free text polls at 21%.
Poll Everywhere total account usage per year
Poll Everywhere total account usage per year