What makes a good educational video?

Learning Environments together with Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education (MCSHE) recently delivered a workshop on using video in teaching as part of the designing for learning with technology program.

The first part of the session delivered by Samantha Marangell from MCSHE, focused on the research behind this topic. Staff explored the purpose behind video, as well as common assumptions, and how to improve delivery.

Participants at the workshop

When it comes to “what makes a good educational video?” the research suggests that good video design is more important that video style. A well designed video is one that is aligned with pedagogical aims, available video capabilities and desired learning outcomes. For example, one study suggested that techniques such as substituting voice over static slides with Socratic dialogue can improve learning outcomes. Creating opportunities for active learning within the video by allowing students to question, reflect and analyse information also improves the learning experience.

Participants then had the chance to experiment with creating their own videos using iPads and laptops. Jamie Morris from Learning Environments gave a technical demonstration along with advice on effective video design, highlighting tips for recording audio, speaking on camera, and digital drawing tools.

photos from video workshop

This interactive workshop was well received by attendees, with 100% recommending it to colleagues.

For more information about the Designing for learning with technology program, see the full program.

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