The new Lecture Capture experience: uploading lecture slides for student use

One of the exciting new features of the new Lecture Capture experience is that staff can now upload the presentation files for their lecture to the system prior to the lecture. This means students can access both the lecture recording and the PowerPoint presentation for the lecture in the same location.

Using the relevant Lecture Capture link in the LMS subject, students can then view the relevant PowerPoint slides during the lecture. The new Lecture Capture interface also allows students to make notes on the slides during the the lecture, as well as add personal bookmarks to highlight areas they may wish to return to for later review.

How to add your presentation files to your Lecture Capture recording:

To upload a presentation for a future lecture, there needs to be a booking to record the lecture in the system first. Alternatively in Lecture Capture you can select 'New Class' from the classes tab to share a PowerPoint for a lecture that is not to be recorded. Presentations can also be uploaded for lectures already recorded.

1. In the LMS subject, go to the Lecture Capture link in the subject menu and click on the blue Lecture Capture icon Lecture Capture Icon in LMS Subject

A list of the completed and scheduled Lecture Capture recordings for your subject will display

2. Find the lecture you wish to upload a PowerPoint for

3. Select the Add presentation iconadd presentation icon adjacent to the recording

4. Select Upload a File

5. Drag and drop the file or select Choose File to navigate to a PDF or PowerPoint file that you would like to upload.

The file will be uploaded to the Lecture Capture system and then processed by the system.

When a file upload is in progress, the following icon will be displayed next to the class nameUpload in progress icon When uploading large file sizes, the uploading task can take some time to complete.

6. Once the presentation file has been successfully uploaded, the following icon will displaySuccessfully uploaded icon

The green colour indicates that the content is available to students.


  • Only one presentation can be uploaded for each Lecture Capture recording (class).
  • Presentation file types accepted are: PDF, PPS, PPSX, PPT, PPTX.
  • Uploaded presentations do not retain Microsoft PowerPoint slide transitions or animations when viewed in the Lecture Capture system.
  • Poll Everywhere polls embedded in PowerPoint are a static display only, where dynamic responses will only be seen in the lecture room on the presenter's slide.
  • Please ensure any presentation uploaded adheres to copyright requirements. For more information, see the Copyright Office website.
  • Student study notes and bookmarks are private to the individual student and cannot be viewed by staff or fellow students. The University has no access to the study notes and bookmarks and has an agreement with the vendor that the raw data cannot be analysed.
  • Staff have the ability to select whether all Lecture Capture content (lecture recordings and PowerPoints) for their subject can be downloaded or not in Settings>>Features>>Class Content Downloads
  • All presentations you add to the Lecture Capture system are automatically added to your Lecture Capture library

Visit the Lecture Capture website for more information on the new Lecture Capture experience

Lecture Capture Subject with Presentation Options