Support student assessment writing with Cadmus

Cadmus Assignments provide a supportive online interface for students in which to create their written assessments.

When a Cadmus Assignment space is created in the LMS, staff can add relevant resources related to the assessment task, specify key dates, allow draft submissions, and select various other options to suit the particular assessment. When students access the Cadmus Assignment they are presented with a supportive writing platform which provides writing style suggestions, and where they can save and edit their work until it is ready to submit as a draft or final version. Adjacent to their writing space, students see the relevant documents for the assignment that were added by teaching staff, as well as useful checklists to guide progress and access to other support resources.

Using Cadmus, staff can view student assignments while they are in progress; throughout the stages of the assessment task. They can also access draft and final assignment submissions, Turnitin Similarity Reports and provide feedback through the Turnitin Feedback Studio.

If you are interested in a pilot use of Cadmus Assignments in Semester 2, 2019, please let us know by logging a support request.